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John Buckingham - Keyboards, Bass and Lead Vocals

Jules Buckingham - Flute, Tenor Sax and Vocals

Riki Buckingham - Lead Guitar, Bass and Lead Vocals


Lusyd was originally formed sometime in 2005 by John Buckingham and Jules Buckingham and were based in Ringwood, Hampshire. It seemed a natural development from their previous bands and experiences. John's son, Riki Buckingham, joined in 2006 as lead guitarist and sound engineer. Riki went on to share lead vocals and played a major part in the band.

Jules came up with the name "Lusyd" and it relates to Pink Floyd, it is meant as a tribute to the late and extremely talented Syd Barrett.

The following songs were recorded live in a hall in Bransgore, Hampshire during March 2007. Lusyd used a computer to produce pre recorded drum and bass tracks, with Riki and John taking it in turns to play the bass guitar.

Lusyd split up on the 1st October 2007, mainly due to the fact that Jules Buckingham went to live in France.


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