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Most Times Love Just Hurts!


Confusion of Love

Well, to hell,
What do we know? What do we do?
Do you care? Do you know?
But it's . . . .

Don’t you care boys! What to do about
all those tales about broken people.
We care and we feel,
but what do you know (we can find),
But what do you know (but we can find a way).
We can find a way, almost every day.
I was wondering why, you see my try.

You gotta’ hold my body
but you don’t know nobody
to love somebody, someday.
You gotta' hold me baby
but all I needed was a good world,
I thought all I needed was you.

Why do you – have to waste all of my time,
Why do you – have to waste all of my time.
All I want to be e e e is free e e e, my love.

No I won’t booze has run dry,
I aint’ had a drink since a quarter to five.
Well what do you think of me?
Well what do I think of you!

Well we know, we know,
Well we know, we know.

The lines on the map say that the sun is shining,
It’s rays are lighting up your face.

Baby, baby, I’ve some fever,
I’m alive? Holding the tide!
You my baby, I will show thee,
love is free? Love is free!

Remembering lonesome times,
and lonely is what I’m thinking,
But you, don’t you know,
it’s the right thing to do o o o ooo,
Don’t you know, lovin’ hurts you,
as you will know . . . . well babe!!

Yes I know that the booze has run dry,
and I guess that I’ve nowhere left to hide.
Well I don’t know things but I know my mind.

Well you’ll find . . . . well you’ll find . . . .
a kiss upon your soul,
Don’t you feel it so?
Don’t you miss it so oooo.

When you’ve lost, a girl with some class, say:
Baby why don’t you make it some time.
Why don’t you lay on that golden smile.
You keep it going, you keep on showing,
good on you hey, hey!

Leaving and I’m never coming back,
And I’m leaving and I’m never coming back.
Leaving and I’m never coming back,
And I’m leaving and I’m never coming back.

But I may change my mind,
Time may change my mind.
I might change my mind,

But you’ll never guess, and you’ll never guess
. . . . but I’m . . . .

But I’m leaving . . . .

Listen to the music:
Confusion Of Love (jam)
1979 - 10:52 - BM051

We Love You

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© John Buckingham 3/6/1979



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